Our Story

Where it began. After 20 years of marriage and ministry, Jeff and Brandy Kleinhans felt the call in 2017 to move back to the Houston area with one God-given dream in mind: planting Living Creek Church. Starting mobile at Porter Elementary, moving to Brookwood Forest, going online and sharing space with Faith Temple during COVID, partering with schools and serve organizations to support the community, Living Creek has been welcoming, loving and leading people to a relationship with the Living Water, Jesus Christ!

Focusing the mission.  As Living Creek Church began to impact lives in the community, the mission and vision came into even clearer focus. The Porter/New Caney area is unique, and the people here are thirsty for the Living Water of Jesus.

God wants to give Living Water to the thirsty.  Our mission is to take the Living Water of Jesus Christ to everyone in our community. We do this by becoming springs of living water -  living, breathing creeks delivering the Living Water of Jesus Christ to those who are thirsty around us.  (John 4:13-14) (John 7:39) (Matthew 28:19)

God has a plan for and a reason why He created every single person.  Our vision is to help people discover their purpose and become the person God created them to be. We want to help them identify their next step in Christ and then equip and empower them to take it.  (Ephesians 1:17-18) (Ephesians 2:10) (Acts 1:8)

Where we are headed

Our goal is to be a place that welcomes the unwanted and connects with the unconnected. We realize we will not be perfect in this, but we commit to learn from moments that we fail or fall short. On our best day, this is what we strive for ...

Loving the Lonely:  
Everyone that walks through our door will feel Welcomed, Loved and Wanted.
Leading the Lost: 
Everyone in our church family will be Known, Loved and Challenged.
Freeing the Found:
Everyone on their journey will be Heard, Loved and Valued.

Love is at the center of all do because it is at the center of who God is. It opens the door to a personal relationship with Him that changes our lives forever.

God loved the people of this world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who has faith in him will have eternal life and never really die.
(John 3:16 CEV)

Be a part of our story!

Join us every Sunday at 10AM for worship.